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Name:The Acrylic Yarn Fan Club
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:In praise of the much-maligned acrylic yarn!
There is a lot of yarn snobbery doing the rounds these days. This community is an attempt to counteract that a bit. Acrylic is affordable, practical and often nice to wear.

Teh Rulez:
-As long as you knit with acrylic and don't feel hard-done-by about it, you're welcome here.
-Nobody cares what else you knit with - there is no requirement to *only* use acrylic! Do not give people grief about their choice of fibre as long as they are not dissing the 'cryl.
-There are many reasons for using acrylic - these include practicality, cheapness and (in the case of the person writing this bio) ethical objection to animal fibres. This is also not something to give people grief for.
-Posting pics of acrylic-based works in progress or finished items is great, but it might be an idea to put multiple photos behind a cut.
-Snarking on snobbery is also great, but PLEASE lock these entries so only members can see them. This is to prevent drama!
-On the subject, joining for the purpose of creating drama may get you banned and will get you mocked.

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acrylic, acrylic blends, allergies, anti-snobbery, knitting, synthetic fibres, vegan
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